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Italia has been Long Island’s leading provider of concrete pool construction and custom outdoor landscaping for nearly 20 years, and with good reason.

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For a family of 8 people, a pool size of 18 by 36 feet is adequate. Even if you all decide to swim at the same time, there will be enough space for everyone. A rectangular shape is the best choice for this size of the pool. If there are six or fewer in your family, a pool size of 16 by 32 feet will be sufficient.
Real estate experts estimate that an average 14×28-foot in-ground concrete pool potentially adds 5 to 8 percent to the real estate value of your home.
Concrete pools have the longest service life, assuming it is well built, followed by fiberglass and then vinyl liner pools as a tie, more or less, for second place. A concrete pool can still be in serviceable condition, and daily use, after as much as 50 or 75 years.
Decide on the type of pool you want. There are three main types of in-ground pools available in the United States: vinyl-lined, fiberglass, and concrete. Italia Outdoor Living mainly focuses on Concrete or Gunite pools
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